For our employees, the remuneration package or the way that you are compensated for your efforts, is at the very heart of our employment proposition.

Naturally, there are other aspects of the job that are important, for instance; the company culture, job satisfaction, work and family/life balance, satisfying work challenges.  However, the rewards offered to our employees in return for their efforts are at the centre of our employer/employee relationship.

At many companies, compensation and benefits are the essential components of what it takes for them to attract and retain the best people available … At A.L.A, that’s just the beginning of the total package.

Our approach as a competitive employer is to enhance the employment proposal outside what is offered by most employers.  Balancing the costs of our strategies with the financial goals of a competitive business requires an unreserved approach and creative solutions.

At A.L.A. Equipment Company is a package that considers the whole employee, offering;

  • Financial compensation, incentives and bonuses
  • Special discounted pricing for A.L.A. products
  • Company car and company telephone
  • Thirteenth salary payments
  • Holidays and time off in lieu
  • Recognition and reward programs
  • An excellent working environment