Established June 1980

We founded D.T.S. and started work in June 1980, in a 1000 square-metre facility, making lamps for domestic use and commercial spaces with optical fibres and anything else that the technology of those days offered us. Refining our production capacities, in 1987 we became the suppliers of several giants in the lighting technology sector. This was an experience that taught us a great deal, because this collaboration meant achieving very high standards of precision in the construction of optical units and other critical components of lighting systems.

For us, every target we reach becomes a new starting point …

Our shared passion was helping D.T.S. grow and creating our own products …

So in 1990 we set up our own R&D department, expanding our facility to 1800 square metres and buying our first numerical-control machines.

Production Autonomy was our New Target.

Since 1996 we have entered a new and more mature period of growth, based on four cardinal points: teamwork, rapid product development, automation and high output.

Today we are proud to offer a production range with 18 product lines and over 400 articles suitable for all uses, from concerts to clubs and from theatres to architectural installations, with a planned turnover that allows us to constantly update our catalogue.

The next target of D.T.S. now is to grow even more aggressively than before, achieving development through the enhancement of marketing, the commercial sector and technical support.

Through the Evolution of our R&D.

Through the extension of our facilities to 11,000 square metres and significant investment in new technologies. This acceleration will improve the integration, flexibility and quality of the entire process, from design through to production, giving tangible results … the possibility of making products that are even more efficient, robust and reliable, and offering even better quality at a winning price.

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