Custom Products for the Electronics Industry

Founded in 1985 the company Elcom has specialised in custom products for the electronics industry: membrane keyboards (also transparent), flexible circuits, electroluminescent lamps and strips, LED on flexible and rigid circuit, spot light and touch-screen.

The production has been extended with custom panels made from aluminum, plexiglas or polycarbonate and cut with laser or cnc.  The many possibilities of application the remarkable flexibility and the quality of the products has given Elcom the possibility to enter into the following markets: nautic, railway, automotive, architectural, home automation, mechanic, electronic, mobile phone, security, fitness and more.

Continuous Research

All goods are completely manufactured by Elcom with modern technology and sophisticate tools.  Elcom comes from the knowledge of our technical “know-how” and the skill of all our collaborators including investments and the continuous research.

Today Elcom has 60 employees and continues to expand as they look towards the future.

At the moment it is subdivided in three productive divisions:

  1. Electroluminescent lamps
  2. Membrane Keypads
  3. Touch Screen

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