Lighting in the Enviornment

The world of lighting is undoubtedly one of the fastest changing industries, however it will probably see one of the most prolonged transitions, as we head well and truly into the environmentally friendly twenty-first Century.

Since Edison first discovered the lightbulb, the world has prolonged the use of incandescent, halogen, tungsten and fluorescent lighting, whilst for several decades, waiting patiently in the background; LED (Light Emitting Diodes) have illuminated minor applications like control panels, remote control handsets, torches, car dash boards, etc.  As the future of saving the worlds environment gets ever more an every day part of our life’s, the potential of the phenomenal energy saving LED lighting and of course its many applications is inevitable.  In fact; LED now offers businesses and property owners another option, which will in turn help them reduce their lighting energy costs by as much as 94%, not to mention the additional savings on heat management and expensive maintenance costs.

Changing the Way We Think

In reality; changing the way we think about light won’t happen over night.  However a recent European Legislation has banned the sale of 100W incandescent light bulbs and by 2012 lower wattage bulbs will follow the trend.  The common alternative is the use of energy saving fluorescents, but in fact this is not your only option as although energy saving fluorescents are more widely used today than they were say ten years ago, many people do not like the light output of these types of bulbs.  The solution is simple; replace your high energy draining lighting now with LED lighting or better still, install LED lighting into
re-furbished or new buildings from the onset.

The World of LED

Over the past decade, A.L.A Equipment Company Ltd., have carefully selected sole agencies of several of the world’s leading lighting manufacturers namely; DTS Lighting, M.A Lighting and Elcom S.r.l.  These companies specialise in the production of economical, interior and exterior architectural lighting, spectacle and entertainment lighting and  Outdoor Lighting Design.  They are continuously looking at the world of LED and phosphorous technologies, increasing their options of light fittings and their applications.

Together we offer a brighter option for the future and its environment …

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