Automation into the 21st Century

Automation today has a massive impact on our every day lives, through a wide range of highly visible industries beyond its original development for manufacturing.  Automated broadcast consoles have replaced after hours DJ’s, whilst touch screen cash registers can not only calculate your clients’ bill, but can also control all the light, sound and vision in your premises.  In fact, we can now install specifically designed automation systems that can control almost every electrical item in a property.  In general, automation has been responsible for the shift in the world economy, and will inevitably become a part of your life, as we all progress towards a future influenced by energy saving, ecologically concious and electronically controlled automated world.

Here are a few examples of A.L.A. Equipment Company’s applications for Automation …

Audio and Video Automation

A.L.A. Equipment Company Ltd., can design and install automation systems that will control all electrically installed audio and video equipment in commercial properties, offering our clients total control on all chosen electrical equipment.  These personalised automation systems offer the ability to switch and distribute, multiple audio and video sources to one or more rooms; allowing you to control audio volumes, change channels, music styles, create or alter the ambience or fashion special effects etc., by using either touch screen technology, your personal computer and even your mobile phone.

Lighting Automation

Commercial lighting can be controlled using automation systems to turn on and off, all or selected lights or to dim or brighten the lights of the property, by replacing manual switches with remote motion sensors and automation touch screen controls.  A.L.A. can also design the systems to regulate the illumination levels according to the level of ambient light available and of course change the ambient colour of lighting via, DMX, Tcp/Ip and any other Protocol.  Furthermore, A.L.A. automation systems can be integrated to control the electronic blinds, curtains, or awnings, hence controlling natural lighting within a boardroom, hotel reception or control centre etc.

Visual Automation

A.L.A  can install the latest in digital signage and interactive consumer display’s, matrix switchers, signal processors, distribution amplifiers, and multi-graphic processors allowing the display of multiple video images to a single or arrays of screens, into a multitude of venues including; passenger terminals, control rooms, shopping malls, themed dining, and multimedia entertainment venues, offering the audio visual technologies to integrate the sights and sounds of public spaces.  These systems can now be controlled via the internet, to our clients’ home or business, from a touch screen panel, a PC or even a mobile telephone.

The Inevitable Future

With automation controls, using specialised hardware, you can control almost any electrical item or device automatically or remotely.  A.L.A. Equipment Company’s Automation Systems & Designs will take you well and truly into the 21st Century.

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