A.L.A. Equipment Company Ltd., are the leading sound, light, vision and automation contracting, distribution and installations company in Cyprus and the Eastern Mediterranean.  The company has specifically chosen the world’s leading manufacturers of sound, light, vision and automation equipment.

Having decided on this selection of high quality state of the art technology to supply our clients, the need to provide equally high quality industrial cabling, connectors and software applications is of the utmost importance, especially when connecting one high quality product, that needs to communicate with another piece of technology or equipment.

Certainly from experience, A.L.A. Equipment Company’s strategy is; if there is a fault somewhere, the last thing that you need, is to find out that a cable, tidily hidden above suspended ceilings or on tracking channels under floors is the cause of a fault.

To this; it has become the company policy of A.L.A. Equipment Company Ltd., to invest just a little more on assuring that the connectors and cables used within our installations will not let you down, and this is now an essential feature of our sales and installation process.  For A.L.A. quality is of the utmost importance, from selecting the top manufacturers right down to the material and even the solder of each and every cable, connection and connector.


Although the applications determine exactly the industrial company that A.L.A. Equipment Company choose, in general we need to be confident first on quality, followed by the assurance that the products ordered will be delivered on time.  As with our selection of audio, light and vision equipment, that we believe to be the best possible selection for our clients, we have also chosen ‘Neutrik’ a world leader in design, manufacturing and marketing of audio, coaxial, power and circular connectors and cabling.  A company that not only manufactures products to ISO 9001:2000 standards, but also is ecologically friendly and has the foresight to always be one-step ahead of the market.

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