A.L.A. Equipment Company Ltd., provide professional solutions for all interior or exterior, ambient, architectural, entertainment and spectacle lighting applications, offering full lighting design, consultancy, installation and maintenance services to our clients.

Architectural Lighting

Over the last decade, the world has seen an encouraging swing towards architectural and spectacle lighting as architects and interior designers concentrate on attention to detail with eye-catching designs and ambient changing, architectural lighting. Selecting; Architectural Projectors to completely light up exterior walls or interiors of buildings, In-Ground, Recessed, or Spike Mounted Spots for trees and bushes and to highlight columns, Flood Lights to flood walls, walkways, bridges and monuments or trees, gardens, water features and swimming pools.

  • Gone are the day’s that 1000w Tungsten and Metal Halide amber floodlights were the only option, choosing speciality lights with DMX colour changing solutions will help to make your property stand out on the evening skyline …

Corporate Lighting

Studies have now shown that the importance of creating a comfortable ambience within the working environment will not only improve productivity but also in turn your profits.  Using controllable light design within the workplace will subliminally affect your employee’s senses and improve their mood and in turn, the atmosphere within the work place.  We are now seeing an increasing trend as many companies replace their incandescent and flickering fluorescent lights with controllable, dimmable LED Strip, LED Spot and LED Tube lights, which not only make the day to day environment more of a pleasure to work in, but also helps companies to save on expensive lighting bills, heat management bills and excessive maintenance costs.

Naturally … It makes sense to install LED lighting from the beginning, which will also save on considerable electrical installation costs!

Entertainment Lighting

The world’s top nightclubs, restaurants, bars and designer cafes all understand that their selection of furniture, sound systems and the style of music they play to their clients and are not the only effect that they will have on them.  Choosing the correct lighting is now equally as important in creating the required ambience and directing or changing the mood.

  • Moving-head Projectors, Colour Changers and Lasers, are now a must to help to keep beat with the sounds.
  • Scanners that create eye catching shapes and designs to highlight the walls and floors.
  • Blinders that strobe to the music …
  • Discreet Lighting to set the chill out mood, and to provide safety lighting.
  • DMX Colour changing touch-screen controllers to make life easy.
  • A.L.A. Equipment Company specialise in Lighting Design and over the last decade has helped numerous leading clubs and live music venues to stay tracks ahead of their competition!

Theatres & Touring

Lighting a theatre, stage or amphitheatre and just as importantly, controlling that lighting, will of course help to make your stage or theatre’s productions a definite success.  Moving Head Projectors and Flood Lights, Par Cans, Follow Spots, Profile Lights, Scene Lighting, and Discreet Lighting have all become an absolute necessity in the world of theatre, shows, live performance and events …

A.L.A Equipment Company Ltd., have an extensive selection of Theatre & Stage lights, Controllers and Light Consoles in stock, along with the correct solutions for the increasing demands of safety lighting from Health & Safety departments that insist on well-lit entrances, corridors, stairs and emergency exits.

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