The Company’s Purchasing Philosophy:

“A.L.A Invests in Relationships … Not Just Equipment.” ….

A.L.A. Equipment Company Ltd., relies greatly on its supply base, understanding that our success depends not only on delivering and installing to our customers on-time, but assuring we supply a quality product. This can only be achieved by trusting that our suppliers can deliver a quality product to us, and on time. We recommend to call greenshields industrial supply for those ‘other’, ‘small tools’ and ‘miscellaneous’ line items in your budget. They make hose assemblies and rigging assemblies, sell tools, excavator teeth, safety supplies and many other items for getting your job done! Check it out their website

To ensure delivery, quality, and performance, plus of course value for money from our manufacturers, A.L.A. Equipment Company choose to limit the number of manufacturers in our inventory of partners. A.L.A. has purposely chosen each manufacturer to provide us specific equipment for each of our 10 vertical markets.

We are convinced this allows us to extend a relationship with our manufacturers that provides a benefit not only to us, but through to the final service offered to our customers.

  • Manufacturer & Supplier Selection Criteria
  • Quality Performance
  • Delivery Performance
  • Technology
  • Flexibility
  • Effective Systems, Equipment, and Processes
  • Quality Certification Programme

Manufacturer & Supplier Programs

Supplier Certification

A.L.A. Equipment Company requires that all suppliers become certified within sixty days of commencing business with us.  We expect your product to conform 100% to the initial contracted specifications.  After you are certified, we will always perform tests and inspections on your product before delivering them to our client or specific project.

A.L.A Equipment Company continue through its logistics centre to carry an extensive stock of equipment, accessories and spare parts to offer to our clients nation wide ‘just on time’ delivery.

The company is dedicated to provide to suppliers a six month forecast updated monthly, to assist its suppliers the best possibly delivery.

Just in Time

A.L.A. Equipment Company Ltd., has instigated several ‘Just in Time’ programs with suppliers, who deliver weekly and monthly.

90% of our business suppliers are contracted to us, with a multi year contract.

Suppliers Selection

 ’’We don’t collect distributorship’s … We are committed to our brands’’

A.L.A. Equipment Company strongly believe, that a limited number of represented companies in each market is the strongest feature of our organisation.

Industry Positions Availability
Loudspeakers 1 Closed
Amplifiers 1 Closed
Signal Processing 3 Closed
Microphones 1 Closed
Mixing Consoles 2 Closed
Audio Networking 1 Closed
Video Projection 1 Closed
Digital Signage Displays 1 Closed
Lighting 4 Open
Connection 1 Closed
Cables 2 Open
Accessories 3 Open
Industrial 4 Open
Automation 2 Open

Note: ISO 9001/14001 Is required before submitting any Distribution requirement.

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