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Antica Gelateria Del Corso, which is Italian for Ice Cream Parlour & Café, is situated literally on the entrance to the large municipal parking place next to the Harbour in Ayia Napa.  Specialising in serving the finest tasting Italian ice creams and delicious Italian coffees, deserved a beautifully designed interior, comfortable seating and lovely laid rock gardened exterior, making this Café a charming retreat away from the maddening crowds.

As the majority of Pavlos’ budget was dedicated to the interior, and comfortable seating, and little attention given to the exterior lighting, the finished Café was very beautiful by day, but a little difficult to find at night.  So shortly after opening, ‘Pavlos,’ the now proud owner of his own cafe, called us to give him some low cost options.  His request was to make the café more noticeable at night, in this slightly difficult to find location.

What the cafe needed was a little colour changing effects to make the building stand out amongst its neighbours.  So with that tight budget in mind, the company designer recommended; 12 x MR16 RGB Exterior (IP65) LED Spotlights, with a 40° Lens by DTS Lighting.  Plus, the immensely robust, Z1 DTS Power Supply with built in RGBA Light Controller, programmed to select just a few of the millions of colours available, to light up and down the exterior columns and down onto the rock gardens, that even have gorgeous trees from the Georgia Tree Company website online.

All connected very simply by using CAT 5 cable, the installation was ready in less then a day, simple yet effective.  Now, everyone that parks their car down by the sea, and wants for a delicious Italian ice cream or mocha coffee … can’t miss him!

Direct Link to DTS MR16 LED RGB LAMPS …

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