MAY 2010


Re-Opened the 2010 season with the help of A.L.A. Equipment Company Ltd., … Pepper Bar has for most of the past decade developed into one of Ayia Napa’s leading bars.  Certainly in recent years it has become Napa’s ‘In-Bar’, the chicest place to be, the trendiest night spot, that has developed into far more then just a ‘pre-club’ bar!

Originally designed by one of Cyprus’ most prominent interior designers, in May 2010 it was completely renovated, spearheaded by the owner himself Mr. Panayiotis Siakkas, who’s pre-launch promotion promised; ‘’bringing you closer to nature!”.  Andrea Piemonti and Tony Lyssiotis, A.L.A. Equipment Company’s Directors have worked closely with Mr. Siakkas and the hotel’s interior designer to create a light, sound and vision installation that will continue to attract and amaze Napa’s fashion conscious clientele.

The design team chose a minimalist outlook for a simple solution …
Design the entire bar all White …
Then use LED RGBA Flex Lighting to change the ambiance by slowly altering the colour …

The actual bar was moulded completely out of white Corian, and moved from the old position to take centre stage.  The main visual effect is the lighting design above the bar; Twenty Die-cut, white Perspex shapes, that can only be described as something out of a seventies oil lamp, which all jigsaw themselves together, but at two different levels.  Inside these eye catching shapes; the design team choose the immensely powerful RGBA LED FLEX STRIP, by ELCOM s.r.l (Italy) controlled by Andrea Piemonti’s personally designed and unique Light Control System.  The effect is visually stunning, with literally a choice of millions of colour selections that can either light up the whole bar as one colour, mix into several colours that blend slowly or switch to club style and strobe to the music ….

Antonis Dynamou
Marketing and Business Development Manager

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